Thursday, 1 August 2013

Old friends are the best friends.

I was in fantastic form slipping out of school today and legging it south side to meet the gorgeous Miss Shanna for a spot of Italian in the yummy Pasta Fresca on Chatham Street, D. 2.

Last time myself and herself sat down for a chat was literally days before I shipped off to Asia which, was more than a year ago so a catchup natter and beers was long overdue. I was thrilled when she said that she'd booked a table in the yummiest Italian restuarant in the city and it was also an excuse to break out a crazy pink flamigo printed dress for it's first outing coupled with a slim fit black blazer- however, I was not brave enough to brace the bi-polar weather (pun intended) without sporting a pair of tights.

Despite the stress of a technology break down of Transformer proportions, slipping over the river and   relaxing into the chilled atmosphere around Chatham Row worries about marking tests, setting tests and planning lessons vanished completely from my brain!

Thankfully, the rain held off and we could sit outside the restuarant, people watching and being waited on by a fantastically eccentric older waiter who hovered in the near distance serving us our every whim. We munched on a truly scrumptious Quattro Formaggi pizza which had chili oil and blue cheese lurking under its crust, shared a cajun chicken salad and shared a garlic and mozzarella bruschetta. Not to mention wine, beer and coffee that were delivered to our table promptly and with flourish. 

As a frequent customer of Pasta Fresca I have to say having spent six weeks touring in Italy, I believe it's Dublin's most authentic Italian restaurant with great service, beautiful menu and chilled out atmosphere, allowing patrons to nurse coffees and drinks for hours without rushing them out. As the sky darkened we decided it was time to quit and settled a very reasonable bill before heading off to get a spot of shopping done before returning home to our respective other halves. 

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