Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hump Day.

The only thing worse than the incessant buzzing of my alarm on a Wednesday morning, is it buzzing on a Monday morning. However, despite the dull, overcast, drizzly weather this morning I felt like I had a spring in my step and it was thanks to the team at Jumpzone in Sandyford where I've been attending trampolining fitness classes for over two months now with a few buddies.

I'm not sure who sowed the seeds of the bouncing idea but we were all bored with running circuits, hitting the gym and power walking. Trampolining was definitely the answer- led by the wonderful, ass-kicking Eileen who has pushed and pummeled our squidge into shape. She promises an intense, cardio workout which, if you can keep the pace, burns 1,000 calories.

Our first time out on the trampolines was a shock to the system as our excited bouncing turned into jelly legs, tightened chests and gasping of breath. Though, as we've continued to practice, I've started to notice that I'm a bit more flexible, my muscles are a bit tighter and I'm able to work through the class without feeling like my heart is trying to escape from my chest.

Now, I feel like my energy levels have skyrocketed, like a burst of adrenaline. Now, Wednesday mornings aren't such a drag and hump day doesn't feel so humpy. So, if you're looking to burn some major calories in a fun, supported environment- give Jumpzone a call. You need to book in advance because the classes are super popular and often full.

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