Sunday, 25 August 2013

These little piggies went to the market!

As we having been doing the build thing for a few weeks and yours truly was getting bored of the bare construction part. I decided I wanted to rummage for some cool retro/antique pieces to jazz up our little home. You know, when there's walls and a roof and stuff. 

So myself, Bear, Papa and his beloved hit Dublin city for their finest markets. 

Despite the aid of google maps and GPS we still managed to get lost but stumbled upon the fabulous Thomas Street Mingle Market. It was like stepping into the Moulin Rouge and I expected the 1930's styled dudes behind the coffee dock to burst into song at any moment. There was every type of feather, sparkle, fur and twee for sale in form of hats, jewelry, clothes and coats. While, Bear settled himself in a 1920's style cinema watching old black and white Laurel and Hardy movies while Papa was like the veritable kid in a candy store. Trying on hats- a plain, black bowler was his favorite but we all felt he was missing his horse and cart, trying to persuade his Beloved to try on a set of super sparkly ruby earrings that I felt definitely would have the power to bring you home like Dorothy's
 slippers and generally freaking us both out with all types of fur stoles with paws and heads still attached. Though, I didn't buy anything, I now know where to go for the coolest vintage clothes- as Papa said, when I showed him a Dallas-style glamorous dress 'you need to be going somewhere to buy something like that'. 

Our next stop was the Brocante Market- on the same site as the Dublin Co-Op Food Market and Dublin Flea Market, this particular market only runs every third week and was a tad disappointing. More  carboot sale tat then actual market but I guess, you need to be lucky with these things. I was tempted by a pair of sparkly lace-up Dune brogues but resisted, I was here for housey things not to stock up my wardrobe. Papa was intrigued by a wooden game of pegplay though none of us could figure out the rules- even with the help of smartphones, he then almost bought a spirit level but then decided it was something that he should buy new. All in all, it was disappointing, I thought I would have scored some nice things for our little shed *ahem chalet* but I suppose perseverance is the key. 

Today, I hope to make another trip to the Antique and Vintage Fair again in Dub Laoghaire's Royal Marine hotel, I have gotten some cool things there before- mostly clothes mind you but I'll be keeping an open mind is time. I'm especially excited to visit the Shotsy Vintage and Third Policeman stalls which, are always chock full of gems. Also, Hens Tooth from Wexford always have something weird and wonderful. Not to mention the Best Dressed Lady competition organised by Vintage Ireland- purveyors of all things vintage and the jazz band that play throughout the afternoon. All in all, a very jolly evening can be had. 

Someday I'll raid Gran's wardrobe and put myself in for the Best Dressed Lady....... 

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