Sunday, 28 July 2013

New Beginnings

My initial foray into the blogosphere began with my travel musings when I exited the rat race for a more relaxed life in Asia. I use the word 'relaxed' in its loosest form. Looking back with the benefitof  heinsight, I think the word I was looking for was- 'different'. You can check out my adventures on

Since returning home, I began to feel that a title like let there be no foreign lands seemed to loose its meaning as I was holed up in freezing cold Ireland. However, over the past few months some weird and wonderful things have began happening to me so I decided to relocate my old blog.

This will be a haven of thrifty shopping tips, travel and tourism titbits and a step by step documentary on the building of the much-awaited Chez Nous for myself and Bear (my long suffering and often considerably better half!). Not to mention all the good food and terrific nights out we encounter along the way with my gaggle of sanity-challenged best friends.

I am also- for reasons known only to God, starting college again at the ripe old age of 28 to study for the HDip and launch myself into the world of secondary school teaching. I was bad bad bad in a past life!

I am not narcissistic enough to assume that those of you suffering the ether of the internet are remotely interested in the goings on in my little life, but if nothing else it will serve as a shining beacon of youth for when I'm old and bedridden either that or a way for Papa to keep tabs on me....

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  1. Hi Emma, I am loving the idea of your new blog including fashion tips, travel and tourism, very inspiring. Good luck with the college work and secondary school teaching. Carol x