Monday, 29 July 2013

Dressing for four seasons in one day!

Without sounding like an atypical Irish moaning ninny but this weather is wrecking my karma. Don't get me wrong, I was completely at home with the tropical heatwave that graced our shores and launched the first 'heat warning' issued by Met Eireann ever. It reminded me of my year in Asia where every day involved short sleeves, sandals, brightly painted toenails and a golden tan. What also reminds me of Asia, are the random monsoon bursts of torrential rain we are experiencing here and they're wrecking my buzz. More than once, I wished for a plastic disposable poncho as I sloshed around the slippy streets of Dublin. What's more, It's creating a serious wardrobe deliemma. Too hot for a mac or coat, but then once the haymaker dulls the sky, even the slickest of slickers isn't going to keep you dry. Skirts and dresses require a certain amount of daily maintenance and shorts are out of the questions- although, I did spy a girl this morning in a teeny pair of denim hotpants accessorized with an uber-sexy pair of Hunter wellies, I'll be honest- I internally mocked her under the security of clear blue skies this morning but was certainly laughing on the other side of my face by late afternoon as I stood in the teeming rain at an unsheltered bus stop. I can't seem to make the right fashion choices for this weather. My job dictates a lot of my decisions in terms of hemlines, patterns and colours as well as fabrics- all delicates (silks, satins, cashmere) must be avoided due to my clumsy interaction with whiteboard markers, red pens, glue sticks and photocopying toner every day. While, a uniform of shirts, pencil skirts, shift dresses and cigarette pants regularly see me slowly overheating in stuffy classrooms on a daily basis but once I step outside these days I'm blasted by a cold wind or followed by an ominous black cloud that doesn't open until I am well and truly out of range of any shelter. When I leave the house in the morning, I believe I have captured the trend, nailed the look and sashay to my car filled with confidence- but by the time, I get on the bus, sit for 2 hours among other hurried commuters and then walk to school, that confidence has been dashed as I wrestle wind, rain, scorching sun or all of the above. I often return home with frizzy hair instead of straight, my ballerina pumps expanding from immersion in too many puddles and a top that's changed colour ever so slightly. It's true what they say about Irish people, we're never happy. A bit of sun- we moan, a lot of sun- we whine bitterly to the point of fainting willy nilly in the street and I am no innocent. But wait, fellow Paddies- wait until the long, dark, overcast winter and I think you will rue the day you moaned about that shining orb of light in the sky. To be sure, as November slinks around the black, freezing corner, you'll pay any price to feel 30 degree heat on your bones, most likely courtesy of the isle of Lanzarote!

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