Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dday arrived!

Dearest readers,

My apologies for the lack of updates, but I have literally been snowed under a heap of college, school and building work with hardly any time left to breathe.

I've been back at my alma mater now for almost three weeks as a student teacher and am thoroughly enjoying it. Although there are some elements that remind me of being in school; the cliques, the bitchiness and chldish moaning about workloads- this time it's in the staffroom!

It's been nice to meet some of my old teachers and for them to treat me like peer equals: some of the time. The students are babies! I don't remember being this innocent and naiive in first year but how times change. I have students sidling up to me telling me they like my necklace or my shoes, or asking me completely irrelevant questions or telling me completely irrelevant stories about their pet dog.

Everyday they say something that cracks me up and makes me smile inwardly- for example; 'Girls, how long do you think the Roman Empire lasted for?', one hand at the back shot up with the answer- 'more than 20 years anyway?'. Yes, definitely more than 20 years but they have no concept of time, the idea of BC and AD completely baffled them so after a stellar class performance on the test I decided to havr an activity.

Using an old plastic container filled with soil and hidden artefacts, I got them to take turns digging and being archaeologists for the class. Well. I'm sure if their dad asked them to help him dig up weeds in the garden they'd shoot him down, no question but bring some soil into the class and a couple of tablespoon 'shovels' and they thought it was the best thing since microwave pizza.

So between, planning classes that make history and english fun for 12 year olds, fielding all manner and kinds of questions and then come 2pm I revert back and become the student again at UCD where I hang out drinking student union coffee and flicking through photos of funny animals on Pinterest during boring lectures.

I think this is what our lecturer calls bi-location....

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